Integration of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Assessment : Nishtha FLN 3.0 Module 11 Answer Key

The course enables a teacher to understand the purpose of using technology, parameters to be considered for effective integration, and also to explore various possibilities of technology integration. In this post you will be able to know AR, UP, UK, MZ, NL, OD, PB, AP, AS, BH, GJ, HR, HP, JK, JH, KA, MP, CHD, CG, DL, GA, MH, CBSE, KVS, NVS, MN, ML, RJ, SK, TS, TR, Nishtha FLN 3.0 Module 11 ‘Integration of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Assessment’ Quiz question and Answer Key PDF in English for Primary School Teachers of all states. यदि आप ‘शिक्षण, अधिगम और मूल्यांकन में सूचना और संचार प्रौद्योगिकी (ICT) का एकीकरण’ प्रश्नोत्तरी हिन्दी में पढ़ना चाहते हैं, तो यहाँ क्लिक करें |

Nishtha FLN 3.0 Module 11 ‘Integration of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Assessment’ Answer Key

The assessment questionnaire of Nishtha 2.0 and 3.0 training is the same in all states, but the Training Links are different. Out of around 40 questions, you will get only 20 random questions in an attempt. You will be able to get the certificate by scoring 70% marks in maximum three attempts.

All the Nishtha trainings available on Diksha App are design to improve teacher performance. So, take all the training seriously and solve the assessment quiz at the end. Certificate will issued only after securing 70% marks in the evaluation quiz. If you face any kind of problem in solving Nishtha FLN 3.0 Module 11 ‘Integration of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Assessment’ Quiz then get complete solution here.

Nishtha FLN 3.0 Module 11 Answer Key

Q. 1: ICT integration in teaching learning means

i.only the age of Internet and digital device
ii. Thoughful use of technology
iii. Use of digital devices has a means to achieve the required objective and learning outcomes
iv. Uses of Technology seamlessly for educational process choose the correct option

  • ii and iii only
  • i and iv
  • i only
  • ii , iii and iv

Q. 2: Following are the parameter to be considered while integrating ICT

  • context terms of iinfrastructure and human
  • Pedagogy approaches of teaching and learning
  • type of Technology and its feature size of the
  • nature of contain infrastructure and human

Q. 3: At the primary level………can be used by teacher for encouraging participation and promoting joyful learning

  • robots
  • Drone
  • digital game
  • Automotive game

Q. 4: ………..Help to resolve the physical infrastructural Challenges of lab experiences and physical demonstration testing

  • Chemistry lab
  • science lab
  • virtual labs
  • drama theatre

Q. 5: Online course encourage s
i. Personalized learning
ii. Self paced learning
iii. malpractices
iv. lifelong learning choose the correct options

  • i, ii, iv
  • ii, iii, iv
  • i, ii, iii
  • i, iii, iv

Q. 6: ICT stand for………

  • information to communication technology
  • Information and Communication terminology
  • information and common Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology

Q. 7: One of the focus area of NEP 2020 is Foundation literacy and numeracy(FLN) which was always a focus of

  • Higher education
  • Secondary Education
  • pre primary and primary education
  • distance education

Q. 8: NEP 2020 requirements to achieve Universal foundational literacy and numeracy in school by……

  • 2050
  • 2023
  • 2030
  • 2025

Q. 9: …… is the more appropriate resource to be used to teach different sound of birds animal and various natural audios etc

  • computer programme
  • Virtual lab
  • audio resources
  • graphic resources

Q. 10: Which of the following media platforms cannot be used for enhancing procedural knowledge dimension?

  • taxt
  • interactive white board
  • digital Geoboard
  • simulation

Q. 11: The hierarchy of the contents transacted at the pre-primary primary stage under the dimensions of knowledge is

  • Metacognition, factual, procedural, conceptual
  • Factual, procedural, conceptual, metacognition
  • Fctual, procedural metacognition, conceptual
  • Factual, conceptual, procedural metacognition

Q. 12: ……. does not support visualizing processes which are not easily accessible in the classroom situation

  • animation
  • simulations
  • Virtual lab
  • printed materials

Q. 13: Which one of the following is not true ICT teaching material should

  • Strengthen students motivation and creativity
  • Be highly paid always
  • Promote independent learning
  • be visual and experimental

Q. 14: Activity of comparing the recorded pronunciation of word with the correct pronunciation can be practiced in

  • Chemistry Lab
  • drama theatre
  • language Labs
  • science Lan

Q. 15: Content transacted at the…….. stage may include readiness for reading writing and numeracy.

  • secondary
  • Middle
  • foundational
  • higher secondary

Q. 16: Which of the following tools can be used for creativity?

  • tux math
  • educative8
  • Gcompris
  • Tuxpaint

Q. 17: Children are in vulnerable situation when they get exposure to……..

  • Attending offline Schools
  • hearing virtual rehames
  • harmful and exploiting sites
  • Limited virtual games

Q. 18: MOPC stand for

  • Media online open course
  • Massive open online course
  • Massachusetts open online course
  • Myrind open online course

Q. 19: Tax math is

  • subject specific tools
  • games
  • animation
  • simulation

Q. 20: …….. means class size diversity in term of age cultural context socioeconomics status gender marginality geographical location and availability access to technology.

  • Demographic
  • Physiological
  • cognitive
  • affective

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